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    Sales: Dustin Murphy 704-390-7374 Support: Rosemary Helms 704-390-7372 
    Mirror Framing Kits For Hotels

    Give renters an upgraded look. Install a frame to your unit’s existing mirror in minutes upon turnover. Cover discolored, damaged mirror edges for a fresh, new look. Add class with a frame that’s guaranteed to last in the bath.

    Stick On Mirror Frames For Apartment Bathrooms

    Make a house a home with beautiful custom detail. The frames are cut to fit the wall mirror and install in minutes. No need to make your own: choose from 65 decorative frame styles delivered to the job site – ready to install. Perfect for adding character to new construction or remodeling.

    5 Star Hotel With Bathroom Mirror Framing

    Give your mirrors 5-star treatment with the addition of a frame. Cover damaged mirror edges for a fresh, new look. Enjoy rave reviews from your guests. Frames press directly to wall mounted mirror in minutes for minimal room downtime. Buy with confidence, frames are guaranteed for 5 years.

    Our dedicated commercial sales team is available to walk you through the process of framing your existing, wall-mounted commercial mirrors today.