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    Frame Removal Top

    To remove your frame from the mirror, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Grab a friend to assist with removal. They will hold the frame and support it while you detach the frame from the mirror.
    2. To detach the frame, run dental floss or fishing line between the frame and mirror. This will split the foam tape and allow the frame to separate from the mirror.
    3. Once the frame is removed, clean the remaining tape from the mirror with a scrapper or razor blade.
    4. Finish removing any residue with a Goo Be Gone.


    To re-install a frame that has been removed:

    1. Use a putty knife, if necessary, to remove any old tape residue from the back of the frame.
    2. Call customer service at 866-304-6283 to request our professional-grade tape and placement blocks to use for re-application.
    3. Re-apply the new tape on the back of the frame as close to where the old tape was.
    4. Re-install the frame per the installation instructions.

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