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    Naked?!? Oh no!

    MirrorMate office staff hiding behind a shower curtain

    MirrorMate office staff will help you "get dressed".

    MirrorMate office staff dressed their best

    Meet the Men Who Make Your Frames

    Manufacturing team posed together in the shop where the frames are custom made.

    MirrorMate Inventor and CEO, Lisa Huntting.

    I thought I was finished decorating my master bath, but the most dominant features were those huge, bare mirrors above the twin vanities. They cried out for frames. But framing them would be way too expensive. And I didn’t even want to think about taking them down and replacing them! (How would I throw them away?) Thus in 2003 I invented MirrorMate® frames, the easy way to turn a bare mirror into a work of art.

    Our mission at MirrorMate is to transform your mirrors beautifully, easily and affordably. We want our product and promise of service excellence to be in such high regard by our customers that they order MirrorMate® frames for all their mirrors and tell their friends about us.

    Toward that standard, I promise you:

    • Quality product. We offer frames that look wonderful and assemble and install easily.
    • Help and assistance from a real person when you need it. We do not exist without you, our customer, and we aim to treat you like a human, not a number.
    • Satisfaction with your MirrorMate® frame. We will do whatever we can to give you a satisfactory experience with us and our product.

    Is there anything you want to tell us or suggest regarding MirrorMate® frames? Please send me an email by clicking here.

    Very truly yours,

    Lisa Huntting, President

    Lisa Huntting, President

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