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    Q: How does the frame go on the mirror?

    A: MirrorMate frames come pre-taped with a professional-grade 3M tape. To install, the tape backing is removed and the frame is pressed directly onto the glass.

    Q: What if my mirror rests on a backsplash?

    A: Many plate glass bathroom mirrors do rest on the backsplash. Simply note this when ordering and we will take that into account when cutting your frame.

    Q: Can I order samples?

    A: We encourage you to order samples to see how the frame looks in your bathroom. Samples can be ordered here.

    Q: I have large plastic clips, what do I do?

    A: MirrorMate frames are specially designed to cover and hide the clips and channels holding your existing mirror. The patented frames work seamlessly with almost all clips, with the exception of large plastic clips that are both 1” wide and 1” long. In this case, you will indicate this when placing an order and we will send replacement clips. If your clips are plastic, but smaller than 1” you should not need replacement clips.

    Q: What is the frame made of?

    A: Most MirrorMate frames are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This is a composite wood product made from wood pieces, particles or fibers bonded together with a resin. It is a strong and stable product used to make furniture, cabinets, shelving and molding. It is an eco-friendly product as some of the wood used to make MDF comes from wood dust when wood products are made or small trees that need to be thinned from forests grown for large tree logging. As a result, it does not require virgin wood for its production. You can read more about our Green Commitment here.

    Q: Why is the frame larger than the mirror?

    A: The frame will extend slightly beyond the mirror’s edge where possible to allow for maximum coverage of the mirror when viewed, even from the side.

    Q: Do you offer a wholesale program?

    A: We do offer a program for the trade, including designers, glass shops and more. You can apply to the program here.

    Q: Can you match my cabinets?

    A: We cannot specifically match a cabinet, but we do offer a complimentary design consultant to assist you in selecting the frame that best matches your cabinet, hardware or fixtures. You can contact her at kate@mirrormate.com or read her design FAQ.

    Q: Do you sell mirrors to go with the frames?

    A: We do not sell mirrors. We sell frames to retro-fit existing plate glass bathroom mirrors that are currently on the wall.

    Q: Why should I buy a MirrorMate frame instead of a complete framed mirror?

    A: MirrorMate frames are less expensive than most new framed mirrors and they don’t require that you remove your existing mirror. This is especially good news if your existing mirrors are glued to the wall, since removing them may damage the wall, and if they break, may cause injury. The additional time and cost of repairing the wall, plus disposal of mirrors into a landfill make MirrorMate frames even more cost-effective. MirrorMate frames are easy to install, requiring no special tools or skills. They work with any rectangular-shaped mirror and are available in a variety of styles to fit any décor.

    Q: What if I need a frame longer than 102 inches?

    A: We can make frames up to 142 inches. On certain styles there will be a middle seam joining two separate pieces. There are extra long fees associated with frames longer than 90 inches.

    Due to the additional labor and shipping costs, extra-long frames incur additional fees:

    • Frame length longer than 90"-102" = $50 surcharge
    • Frame length 102"+ = $96 surcharge
    Q: How do I care for my MirrorMate frame?

    A: MirrorMate’s high quality frames are durability tested and made for the bath. They’ve been used for over a decade, even in such high traffic settings as hotels – and have stood the test of time.

    We’re so sure of it, we guaranteed the frames to last. See guarantee.

    All it takes to keep your frame looking good as new is simple dusting, or a light wiping with a cloth or paper towel that’s slightly dampened with water. Easy as that!

    Please keep in mind, the frames are made of wood and wood-based materials, like your bathroom vanity or other furniture. Therefore, we recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and excessive scrubbing. It’s also best to spray glass cleaner directly on a cloth and then wipe down the mirror, instead of spraying the mirror directly. Unfortunately, frames that exhibit damage from harsh cleaners or scrubbing will not be covered by our guarantee.

    Repainting the bathroom? We recommend painting prior to the frame installation. If you’re painting after your frame is up, simply use a steady hand around the frame. You’ll want to avoid painter’s tape on the frame as it can remove the finish.

    Q: Will the frames work for me if there is no clearance around my mirror? Or, if my mirror sits on the backsplash?

    A: Yes. MirrorMate frames are designed to be used with most plate glass mirrors, whether or not there is clearance around it; or if the mirror sits on the backsplash.

    Q: Can you see the mirror edge underneath the frame?

    A: Where there is space we extend the frame beyond the mirror up to 5/8 inch – to create the illusion that the raw edge of the mirror is covered. If your mirror has zero clearance on a side then we do not extend the frame on that side and the frame will be flush with the edge of the mirror. Please note - our frames DO NOT wrap around the edge of the mirror.

    Q: What is the difference between channels and clips?

    A: A channel is a j-shaped piece of metal that usually runs the width of the mirror on the bottom and the mirror sits in this channel. Clips come in a variety of styles. You will usually find 2-3 clips on the top and bottom of your mirror. Occasionally they will be on the side. It is best to remove clips from the side of your mirror. The clips can be metal or plastic. MirrorMate frames are designed to cover both the channel and the clips.

    Q: How do I know if I need replacement clips?

    A: If you have clips and they are longer than 1 inch and thicker than 1/4 inch from the front of the mirror, you will need to exchange those clips for smaller ones. Replacement clips are free. If you do need replacement clips, There is place to order them online. Replace one clip at a time, there is no need to take the mirror down to replace your clips.

    Q: Can we remove the frame from the mirror if we would like to remodel?

    A: Yes. If the frame must come off we recommend using dental floss or fishing line to separate the foam tape from the mirror. We suggest you use Goof-Off, or a citrus-based cleaner to remove the rest of the tape from the surface of the mirror. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that your frame would be usable should you choose to remove it. E-mail info@mirrormate.com for removal instructions. It will be necessary for us to send you replacement tape and placement corners.

    Q: Will MirrorMate frames work on beveled mirrors?

    A: Yes, but your bevel must be 1” wide or less. We recommend selecting a frame that is 3” wide or more for beveled mirrors. Shop 3” wide frames here and over 3” wide here.

    Q: Will your product work on medicine cabinets?

    A: Most likely! Review our Medicine Cabinet page or call us with any questions.

    Q: How can I install a frame if there is a medicine cabinet or towel bar in the way?

    A: If a towel bar, medicine chest or any other obstacle protrudes near the mirror, it may be necessary to remove, install the frame and reattach. Please call us for further information we would be delighted to assist.

    Q: Does your frame work with oval mirrors?

    A: No – unfortunately our product does not work with oval mirrors.

    Q: What is a special cut?

    A: A special cut is when the 1/4 inch lip is removed off the edge of the frame in order for the frame to fit flat/flush against the mirror. It is necessary whenever a mirror has clips/channel on a side and that side of the mirror has less than 5/8 inch clearance.

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