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    Yes! You Can Frame That BARE Medicine Cabinet!*

    Medicine Cabinet Before Mirror Frame
    Medicine Cabinet After Mirror Frame

    *Well, most of them, anyway!

    If your medicine cabinet is surface-mounted [not sunk into the wall] Arrow YES
    When you order a custom frame, enter 1/4" in the dropdowns for all sides on the Mirror Placement step. That way the frame will extend a bit beyond the edge of the mirror so from the side you will not see the mirror "sandwiched" underneath.


    If your medicine cabinet is recessed into the drywall, please order a sample first. Put the sample on the hinge end of the door, with the taped side of the sample toward the middle of the mirror:

    Option A - Try First
    Try it 1/4" out from the door edge.
    Open the door.

    If door opened fully: Arrow YES
    Order with 1/4" space on all sides.
    If not, try Option B.

    Option B - Try Next If option A did not work, try the sample flush with edge of the door. Now open the door.

    Did door open all the way? If so:

    Order with 0" space on all sides.
    If not, call us at 866-304-6283. It still may work!


    Option A Option B

    Is there a bevel on your medicine cabinet? Is it less than 1" in width? Arrow YES
    You will lose the bevel but you won't miss it! A frame looks so much more finished!
    And if you have a recessed frame, do order a sample and follow the instructions above.

    Does a metal strip run around its edges of your medicine cabinet? Arrow PROBABLY
    Call us at 866-304-6283 or email us at info@mirrormate.com and we will advise you.

    See styles we recommend for medicine cabinets.

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