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    Defining Décor Styles

    We all love an amazing variety of styles to choose from as we create our own vision of comfortable, elegant, quirky, or sophisticated rooms. One of the best things about shopping at Mirror Mate or other fine retail outlets is having so many designs, patterns, colors, and styles at your fingertips.

    Style Spotlight: Cherokee French White Oak

    Jen over at @myinjenuity added a frame to her existing, wall mounted mirror in Cherokee French White Oak. The recess in the back of the frame allowed it to fit right over the mirror's clips - and rest right on the backsplash. The result? Added warmth, texture and a finished look in this freshly updated bath.

    Creating Calm in Your Home

    Over the last year, many of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before. As remote working and virtual schooling have become the norm, our homes have become extremely busy. Despite the fact that life has changed so much, this doesn’t mean that your home still shouldn’t be your sanctuary!

    Style Spotlight: Highline Slim Midnight Black

    A black mirror frame is magic - transforming a plate glass mirror by creating definition and making it the beautiful focal point in the bath that it should be. Pair that with today's on-trend Matte Black fixtures and you instantly have a modern, coordinated bath.

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