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    How to Pair Your Fixture Finish with a MirrorMate Frame

    One of the things to consider when choosing a MirrorMate frame for your bathroom mirror is whether or not you want to match the color of your plumbing fixtures. While it isn’t necessary to match the frame to the fixtures, many appreciate a well-coordinated and streamlined look. 

    Framing Side-By-Side Mirrors

    Mirrors in the bath can be massive - spanning the length of the vanities, and in many cases abutting at the corner. We're often asked if mirrors that meet at a corner can be framed and the answer is a resounding YES!

    How to Get an Upgraded Look for Less

    You may be dreaming of upgrading your home, but some ideas just don’t fit with a tight budget. We’ve got some affordable workarounds that’ll transform your space for a fraction of the cost.

    5 Fabulous Baths

    One of the things we love about customer photos is the unique style and personality each bath possesses. That is showcased in these five bathrooms below. Scroll on for some eye candy and inspiration. 

    Bye-Bye Builder Grade

    Want your home to look like those in the magazines or the ones plastered all over social media? While it’s not impossible to do, achieving this look can be a little overwhelming at first. The good news is that upgrading your builder-grade home with a custom look can be achieved with a few simple upgrades.

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