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    A TX Bath Gets a Modern Makeover

    "For this project our client's decided to only refresh their bathrooms and not do a full remodel," continued Love.  "We were able to save money by upgrading the mirror with a frame vs replacing the standard builder sheet mirror."

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    7 Ways to Beautify a Bathroom Without Remodeling

    The bathroom is where most of us start and finish our day, yet this high-traffic space is often overlooked when it comes to design. On average, you’ll spend around 30 minutes a day or more getting gussied up in the bathroom, so why not make it an inviting space?

    The Bathrooms of the HGTV Dream Home

    The 2022 HGTV Dream Home in Warren, Vermont is nestled within the heart of New England ski country.  The area is amid the aptly named Green Mountains, and the home design beautifully reflects the surroundings.

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