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    How to add Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home

    If you have tuned into any home design channel lately or have scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest you have seen it: beautiful spaces with clean lines, neutral color palates, layers of texture and seemingly effortless pops of color and interesting accent pieces. What is this stylish trend you find yourself longing for in your own home? A mixture of contemporary and country, it is more commonly called modern farmhouse. So how can you incorporate this look into your own home?

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    Color Trends in 2020

    Color can completely transform your home and give you a fresh, on-trend look in 2020. Check out these easy ideas for adding color to your space.

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    Colors that Bring Calm

    Our homes are our sanctuaries, now more than ever. While we’re spending more time at home, it can be beneficial to our well-being to bring a sense of peace into the home through simplification of our space and thoughtful design choices.  Cleaning, clearing clutter, and embracing a “more is less” mentality will help reduce overall stress.

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    Blue Takes it as Color of the Year in 2020

    The Color of the Year as named by Pantone Color Institute and nearly every paint manufacturer serves to provide us inspiration in our painting endeavors for 2020.  Painting is the ultimate form of DIY and so rewarding upon completion.  It can transform your space – giving it new energy and life. It’s easy to grab a can, and in just a few hours breathe new life into your space.

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