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    6 Ideas for Decorating with Black

    Decorating with black is a great way to add drama and impact to a space. Black accent pieces, ebony-hued kitchen cabinets, and dramatic accent walls featuring a shock of black are all trending in 2022. 

    How to Mix Traditional and Modern Décor for a Unique, Fresh Look

    Nothing looks more interesting than a room that tastefully combines modern and antique decor. New pieces bring novelty, clean lines, updated style, and a modern edge that makes your space relevant. Older pieces add depth and soul—they tell parts of your story and hint at your legacy—and that makes your place like no other.

    Mix Metals for a Creative Edge in Kitchens and Baths

    Sometimes you'll walk into a room and there's an instant 'wow' factor—something that makes the space unique, balanced, pleasing, and a little unexpected. It's not always obvious what aspects of design are making it work so well, but part of it could be the choice of metals.

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