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    How It Works

    The MirrorMate frame adheres directly to the mirror itself, so you don't need any room around your mirror, and works even if your mirror sits on a backsplash or runs into a wall - on one or both sides! Mirrors aren’t standard sizes, so we make each frame to order, custom cut to fit.

    Covers clips

    Only MirrorMate frames feature a patented recess in the back to accommodate clips or metal strips that hold your mirror to the wall. This allows for easy install and a flush fit of frame to mirror.

    Hides mirror edge

    For a finished look that hides the mirror edge, we extend the frame up to 5/8” where there is room. If there is not room, for example where the mirror abuts the wall, the frame will not be extended.

    Measure and Order

    Select a style

    When ready to order, shop the styles and colors to find your favorite, and begin the order process.

    Measure height & width

    We need two different measurements to cut your frame. First, measure the height and width of the mirror. Use our measuring worksheet as a guide if you like.

    Measure to nearest object

    Next, measure distance from each mirror edge to nearest wall, outlet, light, etc. This will tell us how far we can extend the frame beyond the mirror to hide the mirror edge. No room around the mirror? No problem. Your frame will be made to fit – no matter what.

    Install and Love

    Assemble frame

    Everything you need - except a small hammer - comes in the kit. Simply follow the instructions. First glue, then assemble the corners. 

    Expose adhesive

    Frame legs come pre-taped with professional-grade, moisture-proof tape. Test-fit your frame, and then peel off the backing.

    Press to mirror on backsplash

    If your mirror sits on the backsplash, rest frame on backsplash and press the frame to the mirror.

    Press to floating mirror

    If your mirror does not sit on a backsplash, you can use the placement corners to test hang your frame. Then peel backing and press to mirror.

    Love it

    Admire your newly transformed bathroom!

    Other Mirrors

    Frame your beveled mirror

    Beveled edge mirrors may also be framed. We recommend wide styles to be used with bevels.

    Frame your medicine cabinet

    Medicine cabinets with hinged doors may also be framed. See the example here. For these we recommend slimmer styles to retain as much of the mirror as possible.

    If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us at (866) 304-6283!

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