MirrorMate’s high-quality frames are durability tested and made for the bath. They’ve been used for over a decade, even in such high traffic settings as hotels – and have stood the test of time.

We’re so sure of it, we guaranteed the frames to last.  See guarantee.

All it takes to keep your frame looking good as new is simple dusting, or a light wiping with a cloth or paper towel that’s slightly dampened with water.  Easy as that!

Please keep in mind, the frames are made of wood and wood-based materials, like your bathroom vanity or other furniture. Therefore, we recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and excessive scrubbing. It’s also best to spray glass cleaner directly on a cloth and then wipe down the mirror, instead of spraying the mirror directly. Frames that exhibit damage from harsh cleaners or scrubbing will not be covered by our guarantee.

Repainting the bathroom? We recommend painting prior to the frame installation. If you’re painting after your frame is up, simply use a steady hand around the frame. You’ll want to avoid painter’s tape on the frame as it can remove the finish.


Enjoy your beautiful new frame for years to come – guaranteed!! 

Easy DIY Mirror Frames by MirrorMate.com