Green Commitment

Our Green Commitment

Our intent at MirrorMate is to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Not only is the product eco-friendly by nature -- refurbishing mirrors and saving them from landfills -- it's also made in an environmentally friendly way. Most of what we sell is made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), formed of repurposed sawdust or undersized forest harvest and comes from East coast suppliers – two within 100 miles of us here in North Carolina – so trucking is kept at a minimum.

You can feel good about your frame knowing that... 

  • Nothing goes to waste. After a frame is cut, leftover frame stock is used to make samples. 
  • Samples are shipped in 100% recyclable envelopes. 
  • Frames are shipped in 99% recyclable packaging.
  • 80% of our frame stock comes to MirrorMate in re-usable crates, not cardboard boxes. 
  • 94% of our styles are Made in America. 
  • We are a company that recycles – both in the office, and on the manufacturing floor. 
  • Almost all our frames qualify for LEED green building points.
  • MirrorMate frames saves mirrors from overburdened landfills.

Framing a mirror instead of tossing it is an Act of Green!

Green Commitment