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    Transform Your Unit's Bath & Kitchen with 2 Custom Kits

    Frame existing mirrors

    Reface existing cabinets

    Keep What You have + UPGRADE

    • Fast, easy, affordable transformation
    • Variety of colors & styles
    • Custom made to fit
    • Kits include everything for easy install
    • Ships in 5 days - on the turn or in bulk
    • Guaranteed for 5 years

    For MirrorMate & CabinetMate quotes and free samples of frames & doors, Contact Multifamily Sales:

    MirrorMate at multifamily@mirrormate.com or 704-390-7374

    CabinetMate at info@cabinetmate.com or 704-390-7378

    Multi Order Preview for

    Clearance Clips/Channels
    Qty Room Width Height Top Left Right Bottom Top Left Right Bottom Replacement Clips
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