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    You don’t have to sacrifice style just because your mirror is oversized or oddly shaped. At MirrorMate®, our frames are custom cut to fit your mirrors’ exact dimensions. Whether you are looking for a large mirror frame or a frame for an extra-long, bi-fold, or beveled mirror, you can rest assured that you have now found a way to frame your existing mirror.

    Mirrors Over 100” Long

    Mirror Frames for Bathroom Mirrors Over 102 Inches Long

    My Mirror is Over 100” Long

    Longer Frames

    All of our frame styles are available for mirrors up to 100” in length except for Broadway Brushed Brass Slim, which is available for mirrors up to 92”. 


    In many cases our frames can be “spliced” to accommodate a maximum mirror length of 142”. A splice is a diagonal cut in the middle of the frame. The full frame length is reached by joining the two pieces together. The seam may be noticeable on these spliced frames.

    Styles Available Over 100”

    The chart in the section below (Frame Styles Available for Mirrors Over 100") details the available lengths for each of our large frame styles. Please note, our online ordering system will not let you purchase frames larger than we can provide.

    Due to the additional labor and shipping costs, extra-long frames incur additional fees:

    • Frame for Mirror 90" or longer = $99 extra handling fee
    Frame Styles Available Over 100"

    Frame Styles Available Over 100"

    Frame Style Maximum Mirror Size for One-Piece Lengths Available on Mirrors up to 142” with Seam?
    Acadia 100" NO
    Annandale 100" YES
    Annandale Slim 100" NO
    Austin Gunmetal Grey 100" YES
    Austin Distressed Bronze 100" YES
    Austin Slim 100" NO
    Bellemeade 100" NO
    Big Sur 100" YES
    Broadway 100" NO
    Broadway Slim Brushed Brass 92" NO
    Broadway Slim Brushed Chrome & Designer Gold 100" NO
    Chelsea (Classic White & Espresso) 100" NO
    Chelsea (all others) 100" NO
    Cherokee & Cherokee Rustic* 100" YES
    Cherokee Espresso Walnut Slim 100" NO
    Cherokee Slim (All Others) 100" NO
    Corner Woods 100" NO
    Essex 100" YES
    Grandezza 100" YES
    Highline Bright White, Midnight Black & Satin Nickel 100" NO
    Highline (All Others) 100" NO
    Kelso 100" NO
    Lexington 100" NO
    Newport 100" NO
    Pacifica 100" YES
    Pemaquid 100" YES
    Pemaquid Slim 100" NO
    Perrin 100" NO
    Portage 100" NO
    Providence 100" NO
    Soho 100" YES
    Solana 100" NO
    Tuscany 100" YES
    Venetian 100" NO
    Framing A Medicine Cabinet

    Yes! You Can Frame That BARE Medicine Cabinet!*

    Before Frames on Bathroom Medicine Cabinet After Frames on Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

    *Well, most of them, anyway!

    If your medicine cabinet is surface-mounted [not sunk into the wall] Arrow YES
    When you order a custom frame, enter 1/4" in the dropdowns for all sides on the Mirror Placement step. That way the frame will extend a bit beyond the edge of the mirror so from the side you will not see the mirror "sandwiched" underneath.


    If your medicine cabinet is recessed into the drywall, please order a sample first. Put the sample on the hinge end of the door, with the taped side of the sample toward the middle of the mirror:


    Option A - Try First
    Try it 1/4" out from the door edge.
    Open the door.

    If opened fully: Arrow YES
    Order with 1/4" space on all sides.
    If not, try Option B.

    Option B - Try Next if option A did not work, try the sample flush with of the door. Now open the door.

    Did door open all the way? If so: Arrow YES
    Order with 0" space on all sides.
    If not, call us at 866-304-6283. It still may work!


    Option A Mirror Frame Kit Clips Option B Mirror Frame Kit Clips


    Is there a bevel on your medicine cabinet? Is it less than 1" in width? Arrow YES
    You will lose the bevel but you won't miss it! A frame looks so much more finished!
    And if you have a recessed frame, do order a sample and follow the instructions above.

    Does a metal strip run around its edges of your medicine cabinet? Arrow PROBABLY
    Call us at 866-304-6283 or email us at info@mirrormate.com and we will advise you.

    See styles we recommend for medicine cabinets.

    Beveled Mirrors

    Beveled Mirror Frames

    Beveled Mirrors

    As long as your is 1” wide or less, our product will work. We recommend selecting a frame that is 3” wide or more for beveled mirrors. Shop 3” wide frames here and over 3” wide here.

    Ordering Instructions

    On the shipping instructions section of the order process, please write: MY MIRROR IS BEVELED.

    Mirrors with Outlet/Rosettes

    Mirror Frames for Mirrors With Outlet/RosetteMirrors with Outlet/Rosettes

    The solution for this issue depends on where the outlets or rosettes are located and therefore requires a more personalized approach. For further instruction on how to measure your mirror with rosettes or outlets, please give us a call. To help us provide a more accurate solution, we would appreciate you sending a picture as well to info@mirrormate.com.

    Bi-fold & Tri-fold Mirrors

    Bi-Fold Mirror Frame Installation

    Bi-fold & Tri-fold Mirrors

    When framed these large mirrors look stunning. For installation, you will need to do some additional cuts to abut the frames as they turn around the interior corners.

    Ordering Instructions

    Our online ordering process will not work for these types of mirror frames, and they will need to be ordered manually by submitting the below forms via email to info@mirrormate.com. Please use the forms below to send us the measurements we need. We will then call you back to confirm your information and give you pricing.

    Towel Bar, Overhanging Lights, Medicine Cabinet on Adjacent Wall

    Towel Bar, Overhanging Lights, or Medicine Cabinet on Adjacent Wall

    Towel Bar, Overhanging Lights, Medicine Cabinet on Adjacent Wall

    These potential obstacles can make installation a bit trickier. Once you receive your samples, slide the sample chop onto the surface of your mirror with the recess on the back side toward the outside of the mirror. Then, open that cabinet door, or see if the overhanging lights hit any part of the frame sample. If it looks like the frame will fit, but the obstacles will prevent the frame from a straight-on installation, call us at 866-304-6283. We have plenty of tips!

    If you don’t see a solution here to your mirror framing issue or if you have further questions, look through our FAQs or contact our customer support team for help.

    Multi Order Preview for

    Clearance Clips/Channels
    Qty Room Width Height Top Left Right Bottom Top Left Right Bottom Replacement Clips
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