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    Framing Large Bathroom Mirrors

    A bi-fold mirror is common in large, builder grade bathrooms.  The bi-fold mirror features two large mirrors abutting one another in a corner of two walls above the vanity. They can appear very large and expansive in a bathroom, at times overwhelming the space.

    Warm Up Your Bathroom for Winter

    As the temperature drops, and we hunker down at home for winter we look to our home to provide the comfort and warmth we crave.  While there is always comfort food, hot tea and warm fires, simple décor changes can add a warmth to the home. Nothing feels colder than stark whites, hard lines and cold textures without mixing in some soft, warm tones, textures and textiles. 

    Tackling Your To-Do List

    We all know 2020 has been a washout, but there has never been a better time to start getting productive for the cooler months ahead. They say a tidy space leads to a tidy mind, so it’s the perfect time to try and soothe your stress by re-imagining how you organize and present your home.

    Tile Style in Your Bathroom

    Tile is a great option when you want to transform the look of your bathroom. But the style, direction and size of tile are all important considerations to get the look you’re after.

    How to Pair Your Fixture Finish with a MirrorMate Frame

    One of the things to consider when choosing a MirrorMate frame for your bathroom mirror is whether or not you want to match the color of your plumbing fixtures. There are so many different fixture finishes and it can be challenging to determine which finish pairs well with which frame style. We took a look at the most popular finishes for hardware and fixtures and put together a guide on coordinating them here.

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