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    After years of wear and tear, plate glass vanity mirrors often show their age with a jagged, darkened marking along the bottom of the mirror. This desilvering is the result of water and cleaning supplies seeping behind the mirror and wearing away the silver backing of the mirror.  While replacing the entire mirror is an option, a simpler, more affordable and effective solution is to add a frame to the wall-mounted mirror.  By keeping the existing mirror in place and adding a frame on top, the damage is easily covered while the mirror gets a designer upgrade that elevates the look of the entire bath. 


    Dingy Old Desilvering Mirror
    Add a Mirror Frame For a Fresh, New Look


    Installation of a MirrorMate frame kit is simple as each frame is individually cut to fit the mirror and shipped with everything needed for quick assembly and install.

    The frame applies directly to the mirror, allowing the frame to work with every mirror – no matter the location on a backsplash or against a wall.

    A framed mirror gives a fresh, clean, modern look to the bathroom.  Just like kitchens, bathrooms can make or break it with potential renters. No one wants someone else’s dirt. It’s important to ensure it is a space that is inviting and gives the appearance of a high-end, well-maintained property.

    There are a number of frame styles to select from to ensure a perfect fit for the décor and look of the property.  Most popular choices in the multifamily space are silver, white and dark wood finishes, including our Highline, Broadway, Chelsea and Cherokee Slim styles. Frames can be shipped in a matter of days to allow for installation on the turn.

    To schedule a demonstration, request samples and volume pricing, contact Sales Manager Dustin Murphy at dustin@mirrormate.com or 980.417.3533


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