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  • Fits any existing, wall-mounted mirror, in any space.
  • Volume pricing available.
  • It’s the new standard.
  • Big bang for the buck - most under $100.
  • Goes up in minutes; guaranteed to last in the bath.

  • Most under $100, it’s the biggest bang for
    the buck in the bath.
  • Fits any existing wall-mounted mirror, in any space.
  • Guaranteed to last in the bath: used in commercial properties for over 15 years.
  • Covers over clips and desilvering edges.
  • Volume pricing available.

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Over 3,000 5-Star Reviews

5-Star Reviews

"I am a contractor and started using this product last year, my customer loves the look and we are putting them in all of the apartments. This not only saves money but also adds beauty to the ordinary cut frame-less mirrors. Great not having to trash a perfectly good piece of glass keeping the projects as green as possible."

by Ken Frantz, Contractor