My frame arrived damaged. Please take photos of the frame damage and box (it's important that we receive photos of the damaged box to submit to our shipping partners). Send the photos via email to  We will contact you to coordinate sending a replacement frame or replacement frame leg, free of charge, and will notify our shipping partner of the damage.

My corners are not joining together tightly. Here are some tips:
  1. Especially with curved or decorative frame styles, it is helpful to hold the corner in the palm of your hand while gently hammering the connector into place as opposed to laying the frame flat on the floor. 
  2. Do not over hammer the connectors.  A gentle tap should do it!
  3. Prior to the glue drying (you have 10-15 minutes) you can adjust or shimmy the corners to line up.
The frame corner has a gap or visible seam, what can I do? While seams are inevitable, there are steps you can take to limit their appearance. Where a pen is included, use it to color the upper edging and reduce visibility of the seam (it’s a little easier if you do this prior to assembly). Then, ensure the corners adjoin tightly using the method detailed above. Finally, if your frame is white, the glue has dried and the gap is visible, caulk may be utilized to fill the seam.  
The frame connectors do not fit. Depending on your frame style, you may have two different size connectors.  The holes are the same shape but the interior hole is deeper for the longer connector. (All may be short.  Some frames have 3 connectors per corner). Please refer to the following diagram of how they are to be inserted in the back of the frame – call us with any questions. 
2 Lengths

There is an obstruction in the way of installing my frame (i.e. medicine cabinet, towel bar, light fixture) If you are unable to slide the frame into place, you will likely need to remove the object that is causing the obstruction and replace it after installation. Any hanging globes should be removed from the light fixtures as well.  
My frame is too small or too big for my mirror. Please review your order measurements found on the included packing slip to ensure that we sent you the correct finished frame size, as ordered. If there was an error on our part in cutting the frame, please call (866-304-6283) or email ( so a new frame can be cut for you.  If the frame was cut correctly per the measurements provided, please contact us for options. 
My installed frame is not flush on the mirror. This may be occurring for one of two reasons:  
  1. The connectors were not hammered in completely flush with the back of the frame and are protruding. 
  2. There may be a clip or metal strip that was not noted during the order and is hitting the frame back instead of laying within the recess.   

    For either of these, you will need to remove the frame and send us photos of the back of the frame to View removal instructions here. Please call us with any questions at 866-304-6283. 

I installed the frame crooked and now it is stuck. No problem! It is removable. You can find frame removal instructions here. Call us at 866-304-6283 or email to request complimentary replacement tape so you can re-install your frame straight.   😊