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    Design Q&A: How to choose a frame style

    Mirror Frame Matching Vanity

    Should my frame match my hardware or vanity?

    Think of a frame as the finish touch in your space, like adding jewelry to your room. And like jewelry, it is a matter of preference. You can coordinate the frame with the other metal finishes in your bath, with your vanity, or even the flooring or millwork. If you have one element you particularly love, coordinate with that to further accentuate it and pull the two together.

    Mirror Frame Not Matching Vanity

    You could also go bold in the bath and pick a totally unique finish that will make the frame the star of the show. It is truly a personal choice.

    I want to coordinate my faucet with my frame. What style do you recommend?

    This is a common question and there are so many finishes from silvers to brass to black and copper that we have a whole blog post dedicated to the topic.  Hop on over there for our go-to recommendations.


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    Mirror Frame Matching Faucet
    Mixed Metals in Bathroom

    Is it okay to mix metals in the bath?

    Absolutely! A bath is a great space to have some fun. If your faucet is silver but you love the trend toward golds or matte black, don't hesitate! Bringing in a different finish to the bath through the frame can add interest and really update a space.


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    What width should my frame be?

    Narrow frames (under 3” wide) tend to give the space a more streamlined, contemporary look. They work well with any mirror size, but are particularly good choices for single vanities, smaller mirrors and medicine cabinets.


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    Thin Mirror Frame

    The wider, more detailed frames (over 3" wide) give a richer, more substantial look - especially on oversized mirrors or those spanning the width of a double vanity. These frames can be real show-stoppers. They're also a good choice for mirrors with beveled edges to ensure the full bevel is covered by the frame. A great way to determine the width is using painters tape cut to the width you're considering and placing it around the mirror before you make your purchase. That way you can envision the frame and mirror proportions.


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    Thick Mirror Frame
    Mirror Frame in Corner

    My mirrors abut at a corner. Should I frame them separately or as one?

    Mirrors can be framed either way - creating a border around the mirrors, or framing them each out independently of one another. Framing them each gives more definition to the mirror and can give oversized mirrors better scale within the space. For these orders, contact customer service directly. 


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    We hope this helped give you direction on style selection. If
    you're still having a hard time deciding, consider ordering samples so you can see the styles in your

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