Metal vs. Wood Mirror Frames

Wood vs. Metal Bathroom Mirror Frames

When choosing framing for the bathroom - either for artwork or your mirror- you may have the choice between a wood or metal frame, especially in your traditional frame shop. Typically either style would be a beautiful selection for the home, but when it comes to bathrooms there is more to consider.

Moisture in a bathroom caused by shower steam is, well, a daily occurrence. This is why we use special paint on the walls specifically made for the bath, and why wood frames or, even better, MDF frames are the way to go in the bath. Metal is at risk of rusting over time, while wood will stand the test of time. MDF is an even better choice, as it is a wood based composite with wood particles bonded together to form an even stronger, more durable wood substrate that will not warp from moisture exposure.

At MirrorMate, we also add a moisture resistant decorative wrap to all MDF frames to further ensure durability and longevity in the bath. We’re so sure of it we guarantee all frames- wood or MDF for 5 years. And after 17 years of business, we can attest to the fact that the frames do stand the test of time.

If you love the look of metal, there are a wide-range of MDF mirror frames available with metallic looks. These styles range from gold or silver frames to oil-rubbed bronze and brass designs and work beautifully to complement today’s on-trend hardware and fixture finishes.

Whether you’re visiting your local frame shop to select the perfect frame for the artwork that will adorn your bathroom wall or choosing a mirror frame on our site, be confident in your selection of a wood or MDF frame.

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