Let's Measure. It's easy!

Step 1

Measure the height and width of your mirror.

Measure the mirror to the nearest 1/8 inch. If between 1/8”, round down.

(Ex.: Your measurement is more than 1⁄4” but less than 3/8”, round down to 1⁄4”)


Include this metal strip in
your measurement
(if applicable)

Step 2

Measure the distance from the mirror to the nearest obstructions (wall, backsplash, lighting, outlet or towel bars) and record. And don't worry if there is no space! Just enter 0".

More than 5/8”? Just enter 5/8”+.

Why do we need this information? When possible we extend the frame beyond the mirror up to 5/8” to hide the mirror’s edge.


Step 3

Note where and how your mirror is attached - are there clips holding it or a metal strip? We will ensure the frame goes over these.
Are your clips plastic, and do they look like this?


If Yes, they may not work with the frame. We will send replacement clips FREE.


MirrorMate makes it easy and affordable to outfit your existing bathroom mirror with a custom mirror frame. In minutes you can install a frame that presses right to the surface of your mirror while it's on the wall. 




Measuring Worksheet

View and print our Measuring Worksheet for detailed instructions on how to measure your mirror for a custom frame. This guide makes ordering online even easier.

How to Measure Video

Watch this quick one-minute video that shows step by step instructions on measuring for your MirrorMate frame.

Cómo medir video (En Español)

Mire este video rápido de un minuto que contiene instrucciones paso a paso para medir su marco MirrorMate.