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    Installation Instructions

    View and print our detailed installation instructions. When your MirrorMate® frame arrives, a copy of these instructions will be enclosed with your order.

    See Instructions in Spanish here.

    How to Install on a Backsplash

    Watch a quick two-minute video on how to assemble and install a MirrorMate® frame on a mirror that sits on a backsplash, or has less than a 1/2" between the mirror and backsplash.

    How to Install on a Backsplash (Spanish Version)

    Vea cómo ensamblar e instalar un marco MirrorMate® en un espejo que se apoya contra un panel protector de salpicaduras o que tiene menos de 1/2 pulgada entre el espejo y el panel protector de salpicaduras.

    How to Install on a Free-Floating Mirror

    View a brief video (2:55 min) on how to assemble and install a MirrorMate® frame on any mirror that sits more than 1/2" above your backsplash.

    Let Takl Install

    Once your frame is delivered, schedule your in-home assemly and installation with Takl here.

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