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    Current Styles

    Acadia Dove White
    Acadia Oiled Bronze
    Austin Distressed Bronze
    Austin Gunmetal Grey
    Austin Slim Distressed Bronze
    Austin Slim Gunmetal Grey
    Bellemeade Traditional Cherry
    Bellemeade Vintage Silver
    Broadway Brushed Chrome
    Broadway Slim Brushed Chrome
    Broadway Slim Designer Gold
    Chelsea Brushed Bronze
    Chelsea Classic White
    Chelsea Espresso
    Chelsea Silver Streak
    Cherokee Barnwood
    Cherokee Espresso Walnut
    Cherokee Farmhouse
    Cherokee French White Oak
    Cherokee Mocha Walnut
    Cherokee Montauk Driftwood
    Cherokee Montauk Sand
    Cherokee Old Vermont Grey
    Cherokee Weathered Grey
    Cherokee Slim Cherry Chocolate
    Cherokee Slim Espresso Walnut
    Cherokee Slim Mocha Walnut
    Cherokee Slim Barnwood
    Cherokee Slim Farmhouse
    Cherokee Slim French White Oak
    Cherokee Slim Montauk Driftwood
    Cherokee Slim Montauk Sand
    Cherokee Slim Old Vermont Grey
    Essex Black Tie
    Essex White Satin
    Grandezza Aged Silver
    Grandezza Bronze

    Highline Slim Bright White
    Highline Slim Champagne Gold
    Highline Slim Midnight
    Highline Slim Paintable
    Highline Slim Satin Nickel
    Highline Slim Silver Patina
    Highline Slim Slate Grey
    Kelso Bronzed Brown

    Kelso Gold-Washed Silver
    Lexington Metallic Ash
    Mediterra Glazed Earth
    Mediterra Glazed Stone 
    Naples Antique Silver
    Newport Weathered Grey
    Newport Weathered Sage
    Newport Weathered White
    Pacifica Silver Sheen
    Pacifica White Cap
    Pemaquid Dark Bronze
    Pemaquid Old World Silver
    Pemaquid Porcelain White
    Pemaquid Slim Dark Bronze
    Pemaquid Slim Matte Black
    Pemaquid Slim Old World Silver
    Perrin Silver & Black
    Portage Moonlight Silver
    Providence Oiled Bronze
    Providence Silver
    Soho Matte Black
    Soho Satin White
    Solana Modern Gold
    Solana Modern Silver
    Venetian Bronze Wave
    Venetian Silver Wave

    Soon to be Discontinued Styles

    None at this time...


    Discontinued Styles

    Bellemeade Vintage Champagne
    Chelsea Black Satin
    Chelsea Cherry Red
    Chelsea Pewter Bronze
    Cherokee Aged Oak
    Cherokee Cherry Chocolate
    Cherokee Dark Rustic Pine
    Cherokee Light Rustic Pine
    Cherokee Mahogany Burl
    Cherokee Natural Cherry
    Cherokee Slim Licorice
    Essex Crosshatch Silver
    Essex Gold Sheen
    Essex Stria Champagne
    Gramercy Chardonnay
    Gramercy Martini
    Highline Slim Modern Gold
    Lexington Polished Mica
    Lexington Polished Silver
    Lexington Metallic Bronze
    Lexington Sky Marble
    Mayfair Black Tie
    Mayfair Champagne Toast
    Mayfair Silver Ice
    Murano Smoke
    Murano Sunset Bronze
    Murano Midnight
    Murano White Heat

    Ocean Aegean Blue
    Ocean Arctic Ice
    Ocean Bahama Mama
    Ocean Baltic Blue
    Ocean Deep Blue Sea

    Pemaquid Black
    Pemaquid Old World Gold
    Pemaquid Paintable
    Pemaquid River Rock
    Pemaquid Slim Dark Cherry
    Pemaquid Slim Old World Gold
    Pemaquid Slim Paintable
    Pemaquid Woods Canadian Walnut
    Pemaquid Woods Country Oak
    Pemaquid Woods Mahogany Burl
    Perrin Silver & Brown
    Portage Sand
    Portage Pebbled White
    Portage River Rock
    Providence Gold
    Tribeca Black
    Tribeca Burnished Brown & Gold
    Tribeca Burnished Brown & Silver
    Waterside Pearl
    Waterside Seafoam
    Waterside Oyster


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