MirrorMate Frames: Will These Stick-on Mirror Frames Work For You?


MirrorMate frames are the only frames that feature a recess in the back of the frame to fit any clips or metal strips that may be holding your mirror to the wall.  This allows for easy install and a flush fit of frame to mirror. 

Mirror Frame Over Mirror Clips


Frames are custom cut to fit your mirror and attach directly to the glass so you don't need any room around your mirror. It will work even if your mirror sits on a backsplash or runs into a wall - on one or even both sides! 

Mirror Frame Sitting on Vanity Backsplash


To ensure the mirror cannot be seen when viewed from the side, the frame will be cut 5/8" beyond the mirror whenever there is room. If there is no extra room (your mirror is against a wall or walls), the frame will not be extended. 

Large Frame on Bathroom Mirror


Beveled edge mirrors may also be framed. We recommend wide styles to be used with beveled edges, and a bevel of less than one inch.

Before and After Beveled Edge Mirror Frame


Medicine cabinets with doors that open may also be framed. See below for an example. For these we recommend slimmer styles to retain as much of the mirror as possible. 

Medicine Cabinet Mirror Trim


When ready to order, select your favorite mirror border style and begin the order process. You will be asked a few simple questions regarding your mirror size and its space from nearby walls, lights, and backsplash, as well as how it is affixed to the wall.  With this information, your frame will be cut to fit your space perfectly.

Mirror Frame Samples


It will arrive to your door in a matter of days, with everything you need (but a small hammer). It is ready to assemble in just minutes. 

Measuring and Sizing Your Mirror Border


The frames are pre-taped with professional grade 3M tape, guaranteed to stand up in the bath.

Self Adhesive Sticky Mirror Frame


Simply follow the installation instructions and press the frame to the mirror.

Easy Mirror Frame Installation Instructions



MirrorMate was invented by Lisa Huntting in Charlotte, NC over 15 years ago after framing the unfinished mirrors in her own home. The goal was to create an easy-install, DIY frame kit anyone could do at home, while providing a wide selection of beautiful and unique frame styles to add a designer look to the bath. Our frames are durability-tested and guaranteed to last in the bath. We take great pride in our product, and our customer's satisfaction. 

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us at (866) 304-6283!

Kelso Gold Washed Mirror Frame


MirrorMate's Solana Modern Silver frame style is shown above in Lisa's own powder room.