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Vanity Mirror Makeover

Guest post by Christina of Carolina Charm
We have officially finished our very. last. project. in our master bathroom and can now call it “complete!” thanks to MirrorMate! To be honest, I never even thought about framing our existing mirrors and had been pricing out new framed mirrors when one of my lovely readers commented “Hey girl! You need MirrorMate frames for those mirrors!” on a photo of our master bathroom. So I looked them up and was excited to learn their gorgeous custom built frames were a more affordable option and easy to install myself.
Our first step was narrowing down our frame choices from the website to three contenders before ordering samples of each of them to see how they looked in our bathroom. The samples then sat against our mirror for over a week before we finally selected the style. Next, we measured our mirrors and placed our order on the website.
It’s SUPER easy to assemble and install the frames.
Chelsea Classic White

Crazy transformation, huh?
And now...for my gorgeous frame. 
I could not be happier with how my frames turned out. They are truly gorgeous and have made a ginormous impact in our master bathroom.

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