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Blogger Spotlight: Three Times a Charm!

Kelly over at the blog Greenspring Home is a new mom and homeowner sharing her love of both with her readers.  Her latest design project was a bathroom makeover for her very own sister. Not being able to find off-the-shelf, pre-framed mirrors in a size that would work in the space, she turned to MirrorMate to provide the custom sizing and frame selection she was after. After ordering samples, Kelly chose the Highline Slim Silver Patina style and order three custom mirror frames to fit atop the plate glass, wall-mounted mirrors.  The results are nothing short of gorgeous.

Highline Slim Silver Patina Mirror Frame Highline Slim Silver Patina Mirror Frame

 Close up of the framed mirror in the bath.

All three mirrors framed in the Highline Slim Silver Patina mirror frame.


As Kelly said in her Instagram post, “I LOVE how it turned out and it's all because of these triple statement mirrors from @mirrormate”.

And what a statement it makes! Kuddos to Kelly. Check out her Instagram page by clicking below, or hop on over to visit her blog at https://thegreenspringhome.com.

The Green Spring Home's Instagram Featuring MirrorMate

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