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    DIY Vanity Mirror Frame Ideas

    It’s easy! MirrorMate frames makes custom vanity mirror framing kits that are made to fit your existing, wall-mounted mirror.  The kits are available in 65 different styles and colors and are cut to your mirror’s specifications.  Simply measure your mirror and order. The frame will arrive to your door in just days, ready to assemble and install in minutes. 

    DIY Vanity Mirror Frame IdeasEverything you need is included with our vanity mirror frames – no additional trips to the store, we promise! They are guaranteed to fit and work even if your mirror sits on a backsplash or runs into the wall.  Unlike any other frame on the market, our vanity mirror frame even features a recess in the back to fit any clips holding the mirror.  

    View before and after makeovers for a range of vanity mirror frame ideas in a variety or design styles and frame colors, or get inspired over to our Instagram page with more DIY vanity mirror ideas. When you’re ready to start on your own mirror makeover, shop our $1 mirror frame samples and see how the frames look in your own bath.

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