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    You want to frame your existing mirror, but should you buy a pre-cut frame kit from MirrorMate or use those DIY skills and tackle the project on your own?

    Here are the benefits of a MirrorMate frame kit:

    No No trips to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

    No No saws.

    No No cutting.

    No No painting.

    No No messy application.

    No No day-long, weekend-warrior project. 

    You'll enjoy:

    Yes Pre-cut, high quality frame that won’t warp.

    Yes Installation in just 20 minutes.

    Yes Tight, picture frame-grade corners.

    Yes Pre-painted frame back to prevent reflection of frame.

    Yes Recess in frame back to allow frame to cover mirror’s clips.

    Yes Professional-grade double stick tape that won’t come off - until you want it to.

    Yes Frame that extends beyond mirror so you can’t see it when viewed from the side.

    Yes Extensive selection of styles and finishes - including metal looks - you replicate with paint.

    Yes Durable, sealed frame that’s guaranteed for 5-years.

    Yes Worry-free shopping - it’s returnable!

    Ready to get started?

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