Framed Mirrors are a Fabulous Finishing Touch

Take your bare mirror beyond builder grade in an instant, simply by adding a frame. It is a custom detail that instantly elevates the look of the entire bathroom. While you could take down your existing mirrors and buy wood framed mirror, or other pre-framed bathroom mirrors at Lowe’s or other big box stores, why not retain what you have and save your mirrors from the landfills.  Simply upgrade with custom framed mirrors for a look that suits your style, décor – and the mirror you already have.  It’s a win-win for you and our planet.

Ocean Blue Mirror FramesHow much does it cost to have a mirror framed? With DIY frame kits, you can frame your own mirror for as little as $89. Not a DIYer? Contact a MirrorMate dealer in your area for their full-service offerings including measuring and in-home installation.

Framed bathroom mirror kits do make the install as easy as 1-2-3.  The frame is custom cut to fit any existing, wall mounted mirror, even if it sits on a backsplash or abuts a side wall. The kit is delivered right to your door with everything you need to assemble and install in just minutes. 

Framed bathroom mirrors give a complete, finished look to the room you’ll love – and add a designer style you’ll be proud to say you did yourself. Ready to get started?