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    Will a MirrorMate frame work for me?

    We get this question a lot. And the answer is yes

    Many of you have…

    • A mirror that abuts a backsplash.
    • A mirror that runs into the wall.
    • A mirror with a beveled edge.
    • Protruding clips holding the mirror to the wall. 

    MirrorMate Vs. The Other Guys

    MirrorMate is the original mirror framing kit. While others have tried to copy the system, MirrorMate’s patented design is the only frame to feature a recess in the back that allows the frames to fit over the clips holding the mirror.  This makes installation a breeze. The frames are pre-cut to your mirror’s measurements and pre-taped with professional-grade 3M tape made to stand up in the bath. Upon assembly, the frame presses directly to the mirror on the wall.  Unlike the competitors or standard off-the-shelf frame moulding, there is NO need to notch out space for your clips or channels, no cutting of tape and no need for mitre saws. A MirrorMate frame is custom made for your mirror and takes everything into account so you don’t have to – from abuting walls and backsplashes to clips and channels.  It’s an easy DIY project anyone can do. We’re so confident in our frames we guaranteed them – and made them returnable.  Ready to shop the highest quality, easiest-to-install mirror framing system? View all styles here.

    Watch How Easy It Is!

    We have a brand new video showcasing the assembly and installation process. It just takes a minute to watch and shows just how simple it is to add a MirrorMate frame to your wall-mounted mirror.  It is an easy DIY project, anyone can do. Take a look and get inspired. Your mirror can be next!

    Get Inspired with Customer Makeovers!

    Every makeover is different and showcases a variety of design and frame styles. We love to see what our customers have done after the frames leave the our hands. Here’s some of over favorites from over the years that inspire us.  If you’d like to share your makeover, share it on Instagram with #mymirrormate, email us photos at info@mirrormate.com or post to our Facebook page.

    Big Mirror? No problem.

    No two mirrors are alike. They come in all shapes, sizes and configurations.  Knowing this, we specially crafted our frames to allow for almost any situation.

    Ever wonder how our frames fit OVER your mirror clips?

    While some mirrors are glued to the wall, many are held on using clips or channels.  To account for this, MirrorMate frames were specially designed with a recess in the back of the frame.

    This is a patented design that no other frame has, and something we’re very proud to offer.  It allows for easy installation and a perfectly flush fit of frame to mirror. 

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