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    Can't decide on a style? Ask our designer - FREE!

    Headshot of Kate Hart the MirrorMate Expert Designer

    Ask our award-winning designer, Kate Hart, for her complimentary recommendation on the best frame style for your bath. Email kate@mirrormate.com with photos and questions. Be confident in your frame style selection with her expert advice. She's been named "Real Estate Staging Associations' Stager of the Year" and been featured on HGTV, The Fine Living Channel and more!


    Design Q&A with Kate Hart

    With so many different frame styles, how do I pick the one that is right for me?

    The best way to determine the right frame for you and your bathroom is to order samples. You can hold them up to your mirror to get a good idea of how the frame will look in your bathroom. You can also always email me photos of your bathroom at kate@mirrormate.com and I will provide suggested styles.

    Variety of MirrorMate frame styles in many colors and finishes.


    How do you determine whether or not to use a wide or narrow MirrorMate frame?

    Narrow frames (under 3” wide) like Cherokee Slim, Broadway Slim and Pemaquid Slim tend to give the space a more streamlined, contemporary look and work best with smaller mirrors. The wider, more detailed frames (over 3” wide) like Grandezza and Providence give a richer look. I recommend ordering samples as well as using painter’s tape cut to the width you’re considering and placing it around the mirror before you make your purchase. That way you can envision the frame and mirror proportions.

    Cherokee Slim vs Cherokee:

    Side by side comparisson of the Cherokee slim frame that is 2 1/4 inches wide vs. the Cherokee style that is 3 inches wide. Showcasing the same style in different widths.


    How much space should I leave between the lighting and the top of the frame?

    For many, the mirror and lighting are fixed and you won’t have an option. If you are able to select where your lighting is going to be, I would advise 3-4 inches from the bottom of the light fixture to the top of your mirror frame. This includes any globes or shades that may hang down.

    Grandezza Bronze frame installed on a mirror with space for lighting above.


    Should my MirrorMate frame match my hardware or my vanity color?

    I like to think of a frame as the finishing touch in your space. It is like adding jewelry to your room. While it’s always safe to coordinate the frame with the hardware or fixtures, you can also think of your mirror as a piece of artwork in the room and frame it in a style you’d choose to frame a picture. The frame could even coordinate - or contrast - with the countertop or flooring.

    Montague of MirrorMate frames within different bathroom settings. Showing the frame can coordinate different hardware and vanity colors.


    Should I frame the mirror over my double sinks as one large mirror or split it up into two?

    It can add a lot of architectural interest to a space to frame the mirrors separately. In order to determine the proper size, use painter’s tape and frame out each section so you can see how it will look. I recommend centering the frame over each sink and leaving the same amount of space on each side. Ideally, you would keep 1/3 of the mirror over one sink, 1/3 of the unframed mirror between the sinks and 1/3 of the mirror framed over the other sink. Sometimes this is not possible due to the size of the vanity and framing it as one large mirror makes more sense. I’m always happy to review a photo of your individual bathroom and give you a recommendation.

    Double sink vanities with MirrorMate frames installed in two ways. Either two separate frames obove two sinks or one frame spanning two sinks.


    Should I use the same MirrorMate frame in all my bathrooms?

    I love mixing up the frame choices and giving each space a unique look. With so many styles and colors to choose from it’s easy to give each bathroom a look you love. Some clients do like a coordinated look and achieve that through matching frames throughout the home. It is a good rule of thumb to have your powder room coordinate with surrounding décor. Shop Mirror Frames by Decor.



    Assortmemt of frame corners showcasing the various styles available.

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