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MirrorMate Mirror Molding featured on Property Brothers

The snapshot above shows Property Brothers using Mirrormate's Bellemeade Vintage Silver frame to frame this mirror. Thanks Drew and Scott for the MirrorMate makeover!


DIY Project: Mirror Frame Molding

If you've seen the home makeovers featured on HGTV shows like the Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Flip or Flop you've probably wondered how you can achieve this kind of transformation in your own home. While big projects might be best left to professionals, there are easy, DIY improvements anyone can do! One of these is framing your large, bare bathroom mirror. But don’t take it down and don’t go buy, cut, paint and glue baseboard to trim it! 

Pre-cut Mirror Molding

MirrorMate will custom-cut a frame to your mirror’s measurements. It comes pre-taped and you just assemble with connectors and press the pre-taped frame right onto the glass.  We take out the guess work, the labor and the materials hunt. Our easy-to-install mirror frame molding kits come with everything you need to frame your mirror in minutes. 

In fact, the Property Brothers have used our MirrorMate mirror frame molding kits for other makeovers on their show (see image to the right).

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How It Works

How to Install Mirror Molding

  1. Select – We have over 65 styles of mirror molding to choose from, giving you multiple options to update the look of your home. Browse our selection by stylecolor or price, and order a sample to preview how it will look in your home. 
  2. Measure – No matter what size your mirror is, we custom-cut your mirror frame molding to create a perfect fit. Even large or unusual mirrors can be framed through our simple process; all we need for you to send us is your measurements and molding choice. 
  3. Install – When your mirror frame molding arrives, the installation is quick and easy. Simply assemble the frame with the glue provided and then use the adhesive strips to apply the frame to the surface of the mirror. Just stick and you’re done! If you’d like some more help with installation, our in-depthinstructions and videos will walk you through the process.


This simple DIY project is one of the most efficient ways to make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. Attention to detail is what will transform your rooms from mediocre to amazing! For more ideas on how to spice up you home décor on a limited budget, check out our blog!