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Yes! You Can Frame That BARE Medicine Cabinet!*

*Well, most of them, anyway!

If your medicine cabinet is surface-mounted [not sunk into the wall]  YES
When you order a custom frame, enter 1/4" in the dropdowns for all sides on the Mirror Placement step. That way the frame will extend a bit beyond the edge of the mirror so from the side you will not see the mirror "sandwiched" underneath.


If your medicine cabinet is recessed into the drywall, please order a sample first. It will come with temporary tape on it. Put the sample on the hinge end of the door, with the taped side of the sample toward the middle of the mirror:


Option A - Try First
Try it 1/4" out from the door edge.
Open the door.

If door opened fully: YES
Order with 1/4" space on all sides.
If not, try Option B.

Option B - Try NextIf option A did not work, try the sample flush with edge of the door. Now open the door.

Did door open all the way? If so: YES
Order with 0" space on all sides.
If not, call us at 866-304-6283. It still may work!



Is there a bevel on your medicine cabinet? Is it less than 1" in width?  YES
You will lose the bevel but you won't miss it! A frame looks so much more finished!
And if you have a recessed frame, do order a sample and follow the instructions above.

Does a metal strip run around its edges of your medicine cabinet? -RIGHT ARROW IMAGE- PROBABLY
Call us at 866-304-6283 or email us at info@mirrormate.com and we will advise you.

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