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Measuring Your Custom Size Frame

  • Step 1.

    Measure mirror height and width.
  • Step 2.

    Measure space available on each side.
  • Step 3.

    Tell us which sides have clips or channels.


Measuring is Easy!

Send us your measurements and we’ll create a custom size frame to fit your mirror’s exact dimensions!

1. Height & Width

Use a tape measurer to figure out the height and width of your mirror. This information allows us to cut the frame of your choice to a custom size that will fit perfectly over your sheet glass mirror. Use our Measurement Guide.

2. Mirror Placement

To ensure that our frames are the best fit, we need to know how far each edge of the mirror is from the nearest wall, outlet, or backsplash. This gives us a little leeway to extend the frame up to 5/8” beyond the mirror to seamlessly hide any edges.

3. Clips & Attachments

Does your mirror have unsightly clips or a metal edge that holds it in place? MirrorMate’s patented design easily covers over these and unsightly edges to create a designer look. All we need to know is which sides have clips or a channel.

Make sure to check out our resources below for more information and helpful tips on how to measure your mirror. If you still have questions, please contact us or locate a MirrorMate® professional in your area on our Local Resources page.

How to Measure

Measurement Guide

View and print our Measuring Worksheet for detailed instructions on how to measure your custom frame. This guide makes ordering online even easier.





How to Measure Video

Watch step by step instructions for measuring for your MirrorMate frame.





How to Measure Video (Spanish Version)

Watch step by step instructions (in Spanish) for measuring for your MirrorMate frame.



Ordering a Custom Size Mirror Frame

Mail/Fax Order Form

Prefer to order by mail or fax? Print the Mail/Fax Order Form or, select your frame, enter your measurements and order online. 





Other Custom Fits

Large or Unusual Mirror?

We custom cut our frames to fit most any shape or size. Not sure how to measure your large or unusual mirror? We have mirror framing solutions for bi-fold, beveled, long mirrors and more.




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