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Reflect Rustic Industrial Style in Your Home

The Rustic Industrial style is popping up everywhere and warming up home décor in its wake. Channeling an industrial past, the furniture and décor features worn woods, rough surfaces and natural elements mixed with metal. Think metal piping for bookshelves, coffee table wood pallets on wheels and salvaged beams.


“Today’s design is all about the unexpected,” explains Kate Hart, Philadelphia-based designer and renown home stager. “Homeowners are choosing new materials for countertops like poured concrete or concrete colored quartz. They are also adding touches of rustic elements to their sleek modern spaces to give them some warmth.” 


Ready to infuse your space with this trendy look? Kate Hart shares some tips:

-       Don’t let your space look too matchy-matchy.

-       Add an element that is unexpected like a flea market chair recovered in a fun fabric.

-       Mix in a reclaimed wooden piece of furniture in an otherwise clean contemporary space.

-       Traditional bathroom? Add a rustic bathroom mirror frame for the mirror. It gives the space more texture and warmth and makes it more memorable to your guests.


White Sink, Rustic Mirror Frame Cherokee Rustic Frame Styles


“The combination of classic marble tile and a wooden frame looks fresh and on trend and not too stuffy,” explains Hart. 

MirrorMate’s Cherokee Rustic collection featuring five styles with the look of reclaimed, time-worn wood make it easy to find a rustic frame for your bathroom.