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MirrorMate Vs. The Other Guys

MirrorMate is the original mirror framing kit. While others have tried to copy the system, MirrorMate’s patented design is the only frame to feature a recess in the back that allows the frames to fit over the clips holding the mirror.  This makes installation a breeze. The frames are pre-cut to your mirror’s measurements and pre-taped with professional-grade 3M tape made to stand up in the bath. Upon assembly, the frame presses directly to the mirror on the wall.  Unlike the competitors or standard off-the-shelf frame moulding, there is NO need to notch out space for your clips or channels, no cutting of tape and no need for mitre saws. A MirrorMate frame is custom made for your mirror and takes everything into account so you don’t have to – from abuting walls and backsplashes to clips and channels.  It’s an easy DIY project anyone can do. We’re so confident in our frames we guaranteed them – and made them returnable.  Ready to shop the highest quality, easiest-to-install mirror framing system? View all styles here.



Standard Frame vs. MirrorMate Frames – the only frame made to fit OVER your clips.