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Fix Desilvering Mirrors with a Frame

Bathrooms are high traffic zones, and mirrors suffer as a result.  Water and cleaning supplies often seep beneath the mirror and wear away the silver backing.  This damage is called desilvering and results in the jagged, blackened marking along the edge of a mirror.

Desilvering Mirror

Seen in hotels and homes alike, desilvering can give a dated and dingy appearance to an otherwise clean and well-functioning bathroom. 

While the first thought may be to replace the mirror, be mindful that large, wall-mounted mirrors are often difficult to remove and may be glued in place.  The easiest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly option is to utilize a frame to cover the desilvering.

Desilver Mirror Fixed With a Mirror Frame

MirrorMate’s patented mirror frames are the only frames made to cover over the mirror’s clips and press directly onto the glass while on the wall.  This allows homeowners to retain the current wall mirror, cover the desilvering and upgrade the bath in just minutes.