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Celebrating 15 Years Of Successful Mirror Frames

We’re 15!

Celebrating 15 Years at MirrorMate 

It’s hard to believe, but this April marks 15 years since our CEO, Lisa Huntting, sold her first MirrorMate frame crafted and shipped from garage! Through the years, the idea of empowering homeowners to frame their existing mirrors with a simple mirror frame kit has brought both beauty to the bath, and the satisfaction of a job well done to hundreds of thousands of do-it-yourselfers nationwide. The idea of an affordable, easy upgrade with big wow factor has been embraced by the commercial sector as well – gracing the mirrors of hotels and multifamily communities, and as the perfect finishing touch to interior design jobs and new construction.


Back in 2004, Lisa had moved into a new house in Charlotte, North Carolina with her young son and began making it into a home.


“I thought I was finished decorating my master bath, but the most dominant features were those huge, bare mirrors above the twin vanities,” explains Lisa. “They cried out for frames. But framing them would be way too expensive. And I didn’t even want to think about taking the mirrors down and replacing them. How would I throw them away? Thus, I invented MirrorMate frames.”  

Lisa Huntting

Lisa Huntting in her master bathroom in 2004.


The first few frames took some time – and put her miter saw to work, but once finished, Lisa knew she had to share this with her friends, neighbors and all the homeowners who had unfinished mirrors.  She developed a proprietary design that features a recess in the back of the frame to fit right over the clips holding the mirror and allows for installation of the frame in a matter of minutes. She took all the guess work out of mirror frame and provided everything you need to frame a mirror.

It’s now been her passion for the last 15 years – personally curating each frame in the line, ensuring the order and installation process is seamless and that customers loved the final results. As the business has grown from a handful of employees to a nearly 20-person staff, the frame selection has grown as well.  Today there are approximately 65 styles to choose from, ranging in looks from farmhouse and coastal to modern and traditional. 


There are three styles still in the line that have been part of the collection since the beginning. Naples, Acadia and Pemaquid have stood the test of time and weathered the design trends.  These perennial favorites are true classics.

DIY Mirror Frame Kits Mirror Frames for Bathroom Vanities

As we mark this milestone year and look back at the styles (both frames and hair over the last 15 years!), we hope you will join us in celebrating some of the things that make us who we are and what we love – an entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated small business, love of design and DIY - and a great before and after transformation. Thank you to our customers, past, present and future, for your support and dedication along the way.