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Builder Grade Blues?

Your new home is beautiful, but is it lacking character? New construction often comes with all the bells and whistles, but the selections may be chosen for the masses and builder-basic. Think beige carpets and beige walls throughout - and unframed plate glass mirrors in the bath. Time to inject some personality into the home – add some color and life, something that reflects you.  Paint is an easy, affordable place to start.  In the bath, consider one of Sherwin William’s most popular bathroom paint colors like Sea Salt, Tradewinds or Rainwashed. 



Then complete the bathroom makeover with a frame added atop the existing wall-mounted mirror. Wow.



These are two easy, DIY upgrades that reflect you – and what you love.  The difference truly is in the details! There are 65 styles of frames to choose from so you can add a frame with exquisite detailing or one that is sleek and modern.  Can’t decide on a style? Ask our designer for her free, personalized recommendation at  Add some designer style!