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Big Mirror? No problem.

No two mirrors are alike. They come in all shapes, sizes and configurations.  Knowing this, we specially crafted our frames to allow for almost any situation.

Does your mirror…

  • sit on the backsplash? 
  • run into the wall or ceiling? 
  • have clips and channels holding it to the wall?
  • Seem unusually large or long?
  • abut another mirror on an angle?

No problem. You name it – we fit it (unless it’s round or oval, then you’ve got us!). 

Our customer service team is happy to work directly with you on your order to ensure a perfect fit.  Our shop then custom cuts each frame to fit the exact specifications of the mirror, while also taking into account how it’s situated in the room, what’s around it and how it’s attached to the wall. 

Here are a few photos of makeovers customers have completed with some BIG mirrors! 

We promise, it can be done – and you’ll love the results!  From tri-fold mirrors, to gyms, to this 10-foot-long mirror– it’s all been tackled and adds the perfect finishing touch to a room. 

Call us at 866-304-6283 or email with any questions at all - or find more on our FAQ.