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Measure your existing, wall-mounted mirror & we'll make a frame to fit.

It'll adhere right to your mirror, so no extra room is needed around it. A recess in the back covers clips & metal strips. It’s a mirror frame kit! Assembles & installs in minutes. Easy!

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    See For Yourself

    Grab your samples so you can see what frames styles work best in your space.

    Real customers make MirrorMate look easy

    Mirror Frame Kits by MirrorMate

    Instantly upgrade new construction or dated, decaying bathroom mirrors with our easy DIY mirror frame kit. It's a guaranteed perfect fit. Our custom mirror frames are cut to go atop your existing, wall mounted mirror. It's a simple DIY install. The kit comes with everything you need to put up in minutes. And, it's the only mirror frame with a recess in the back to fit the frame over the clips. With 65 quality mirror frames styles, choosing is the hardest part!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I order samples? close open

    We encourage you to order samples to see how the frame looks in your bathroom. Samples can be ordered here.

    How does the product work? close open

    The frame attaches directly to the existing, wall-mounted mirror so you don't need space around it for the frame. It is also why it works even if your mirror sits on a backsplash or runs into a wall. The frame tapes onto the glass with professional grade, double-side 3M tape - guaranteed to last in the bath. If your mirror is attached with clips, no worries! There is a recess in the back of the frame that allows it to fit over the clips. No other frame or store-bought trim has this!

    How does the frame attach to the mirror? close open

    The frame is pre-taped with professional-grade 3M tape and guaranteed to last in the bath.

    What is the frame made of? close open

    The vast majority of our frames are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), an environmentally-responsible, strong, non-warping wood-base. They are then finished with a moisture-impervious decorative wrap and seal. There are a few select styles with a base composite of wood. Each product page provides the exact base composite of that style.

    Why should I buy a MirrorMate frame instead of a complete framed mirror? close open

    MirrorMate frames are less expensive than most new framed mirrors and they don't require that you remove your existing mirror. This is especially good news if your existing mirrors are glued to the wall, since removing them may damage the wall, and if they break, may cause injury. The additional time and cost of repairing the wall, plus disposal of mirrors into a landfill make MirrorMate frames even more cost-effective. MirrorMate frames are easy to install, requiring no special tools or skills. They work with any rectangular-shaped mirror and are available in a variety of styles to fit any decor.

    Will I see the mirror edge under the frame from the side? close open

    Where there is space we extend the frame beyond the mirror up to 5/8 inch - to create the illusion that the raw edge of the mirror is covered. If your mirror has zero clearance on a side then we do not extend the frame on that side and the frame will be flush with the edge of the mirror. Please note - our frames DO NOT wrap around the edge of the mirror.

    Do you sell mirror too? close open

    No. Our frames are for pre-existing, wall-mounted mirrors.

    Do you sell frames for oval mirrors? close open

    No, just for square and rectangular mirrors.