Wall Mirror Frame

Since its inception in the late 12th century, the modern mirror has come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Made using a piece of glass with a metallic backing, widespread production across Europe made the mirror a useful and popular convenience. Over time, mirrors took on a new use as a form of interior decoration in the homes and palaces of the wealthy. Eventually, mirrors with elaborate, intricately designed frames became increasingly popular and were considered to be true works of art by admirers and collectors.

Fast forward to todays day and age and we see that not much has changed in the production of mirrors themselves. But unlike previous times, we seem to settle for bare mirrors with no style or aesthetic value. Most of us have bathrooms with a lifeless sheet mirror stuck to the wall. But the good news is; now we have a choice with this easy and convenient mirror framing system!

At MirrorMate, we make it easy and affordable to make your bathroom mirror come to life. In just minutes you can install a wall mirror frame that attaches easily to the surface of your existing mirror. It's as easy as that! And with over 35 styles to choose from you are sure to find a look that complements any décor. Fully dress your décor with a wall mirror frame from MirrorMate. For more information or decorating inspiration, check out our design and makeover center!  

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