Framed Vanity Mirror

Every bathroom has a different style.  Some may be modern while others may have a more traditional feel.  Whatever the style of your décor, framed vanity mirrors can help enhance the look of your bathrooms even further.Framing a bathroom vanity mirror helps it to stand out from the wall while making it seem more like a work of art than a utilitarian-looking plate glass mirror.

MirrorMate® specializes in framing not only bathroom vanity mirrors but also in wall mirrors and dressing mirrors.  Our goal is to help our customers transform their mirrors beautifully, easily and inexpensively.  We know that many homeowners run into design roadblocks on how to achieve the look they want, which is why we offer design help from a professional decorator in our Ask the Expert forum.  We also feature many mirror makeovers to get the ideas flowing.

To get started in your bathroom vanity mirror makeover, order a few frame samples to make sure you pick the right look.  There are over 65 different stylish frames available so you will probably have a hard time choosing just one!  When you are ready to order your frame, view our easy measuring instructions and the installation tutorial for more information.