Bathroom Mirror Frame

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Is it time for something new and fun in your bathroom? With MirrorMate®, you can easily and inexpensively frame your bare mirror with one of our bathroom mirror frames. We have over 65 styles to choose from, including Acadia, Broadway and Pemaquid, so that you can find the perfect frame to compliment any décor. Need to shop by color? Not a problem. We offer a variety of frames in different colors so that you can match your frame to your bathroom!

Our frames are custom cut to fit your specific mirror dimensions. The finished frame adheres right to the glass, so no special tools or talents are needed! We include everything you need to start enjoying your bathroom mirror frame right away. MirrorMate® offers videos, resources and instructions to make the process quick and easy. 

Do you have clips or a strip holding your mirror in place? Does your mirror sit directly on the backsplash or run into a corner? No problem! Since our frames attach to the surface of your mirror, we cover those unattractive clips and mirror edges, giving your bathroom a mirror makeover in just minutes.

Why settle for a bare vanity mirror? Add style to your space at a price that costs far less than hiring a contractor or buying a framed mirror. Fully dress your décor with a bathroom mirror frame from MirrorMate!

Get started today by ordering samples of your favorite styles and checking out photos of our mirror makeovers.Learn how to measure your mirror for your custom frame and install your MirrorMate frame with our easy-to-follow videos and instructions.

Looking for some advice from colors to styles? Be sure to check out our design center where you can ask Kate Hart, our design expert for help!